Mixed-use. Multi-disciplined. Major results.

Riverworks | Savannah, GA

From uptown to downtown, suburban to urban, Regent Partners strives to create thoughtful, mixed-use communities across the Southeast and beyond. Even though we call Atlanta home, we’re proud that we can develop communities across the Southeast and beyond.


Whether it’s a combination of hotel, office, residential or retail, we’ve found that mixed-use environments are the best way to enhance communities through development.


The best places to work are those that extend beyond the office walls to create a sense of community - something we seek to do with each commercial project we develop.


With a firm command of the hotel industry and its business model, Regent Partners has applied its knowledge to the development and redevelopment of hotels across the U.S.


Home, or in our case, residential is where our heart is. From condominiums and apartments to military housing and assisted living, we enjoy creating environments for people to live and thrive.


We all know the old adage in real estate about “Location. Location. Location.” With demand for prime land ever growing, Regent Partners has proven it has a penchant for “Timing. Timing. Timing.” when it comes to finding the right location for the right development.


Knowing retail serves as the backbone of every local economy, Regent Partners takes great pride in developing strong retail establishments that make a positive impact.

Special Use.

Be it religious, civic or entertainment in nature, Regent Partners leverages its vast, diverse experience and relationships to create successful real estate solutions for any type of project.

Opportunity Zone.

Opportunity Zones are the most economically impactful legislation in recent history and Regent Partners has the financial resources, real-world experience, and local knowledge to assess this shifting trend and yield superior results.

Hyatt House / Hyatt Place

Charleston, SC

Eastern Wharf

Savannah, GA

East End Market

Raleigh, NC

The Reservoir

Nashville, TN

3354 Peachtree

Atlanta, GA

Tower Place 100

Atlanta, GA

// 610,000 sf

Concourse Office Park

Atlanta, GA

// 70,000 sf

The Westin Alexandria

Alexandria, VA

// 80,000 sf

Tower Place 200

Atlanta, GA

// 260,000 sf

The Davis Apts

Dallas, TX

// 183 units

The Brookwood

Atlanta, GA

// 382,000 sf

3344 Peachtree

Atlanta, GA

// 490,000 sf

Northcreek Office Park

Atlanta, GA

// 536,240 sf

Jamieson Residences

Alexandria, VA

// 80,000 sf

Buckhead Grand

Atlanta, GA

// 52,000 sf


Atlanta, GA

// 255,200 sf

3330 Peachtree

Atlanta, GA

// 16,500 sf