Building business from the ground up.

Thompson Savannah | Savannah, GA

Invested in the project as a local operating partner, Regent Partners redefines what it means to win in the marketplace.

Whether the job is a traditional investment or an opportunity zone, a hotel or an office, a home or a business, a mixed-use project or a land holding, our team of experts maintains an owner’s perspective, managing every aspect from construction to leasing and management.

Buckhead Church   |   Atlanta, GA


A portfolio as diverse as the skill set we offer.

Take a look at some of our current projects, signature pieces and other work we’re proud to show from over the years.



Building a legacy that extends beyond brick and mortar.

Regent Partners is a full-service real estate company that quickly and effectively adapts to changing market demands in order to provide the most value to our clients and partners. Traditionally, we’ve implemented an opportunistic strategy to real estate with a focus on high-yielding, risk-adjusted projects. While that strategy remains as robust as ever, we have expanded our capabilities to take advantage of new opportunity zone regulations with a focus on long-term, tax efficient projects and structures. Regardless of the investment horizon, our executions involve high growth, urban environments with office, hotel, residential and land components. Each reflects a strong attention to quality over quantity and a keen understanding of market timing.

Concourse Office Park   |   Atlanta, GA

Asset Management

We’re with you every square foot of the way.

Committed to personal service and with an unwavering attention to detail, the goal at Regent Partners is to achieve our clients’ financial objectives. Putting our experience to use, we’ll help set realistic expectations and implement a disciplined investment strategy that provides results.