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Northcreek Office Park | Atlanta, GA

Savannah’s perfect launch point: the Thompson

The ideally-located Thompson Savannah Hotel serves as the perfect launch point to explore all Savannah has to offer, both old and new.

Classic meets modern in Thompson Savannah Hotel

The Thompson Hotel brand upholds its trademark sophistication while honoring Savannah’s local heritage and creative community in its newest Thompson Savannah hotel.


Thompson Savannah’s debut arrives

The newly-completed Thompson Savannah debuts as the first Thompson brand hotel in the state of Georgia.

East End Market joint venture fully capitalized

Thanks to several best-in-class players including Regent Partners, phase two of the East End Market venture in Raleigh is “fully capitalized” and ready to roll.

Nashville’s Reservoir offers quality MF housing

Regent Partners and SLI Capital bring quality multifamily housing options to Nashville’s Edgehill area in the form of The Reservoir.

Eastern Wharf project finds silver lining

Regent Partners’ Andrew Allman gives an encouraging progress report a year after the Eastern Wharf fire of February 2020.

Savannah Eastern Wharf rises from the ashes

After a brief setback, Savannah’s Eastern Wharf project is back on track to open in spring 2021.

A new step for Development Services

Andrew Allman assumes Principal of Development Services role in recent promotion.